BONSARD explores the path of light that illuminates, as much as it conceals, exhilarating and destructive passions, and an identity that is constantly being stolen and reinvented. Through these portraits, he has pursued a quest to find the inner truth. By portraying the truest

likeness- which is the guarantee of a certain logical formality – and by a masterful use of the light, he has developed this approach. In this presentation, you will discover that he has implicated his life’s work in the

search for a painting style that is entirely dedicated to man.


Beyond their power of physical attraction, BONSARD’s portraits express great psychological depth. All are dominated by a kind of abstract melancholy that invites the viewer to meditate on the fragility of the human image. From the first glance, we are drawn into a close dialogue with the artist - a private conversation that stops time and suspends it while it lasts.

like rembrandt
peinture à l'huile


portrait of young girl
oil painting
light on face

Here we find a great sense of realism and a convincing representation of emotions and feelings. Optical illusion, a tribute to the Flemish masters and the influence of Caravaggio are used to construct portraits that are provocatively realistic. He knows not only how to express a likeness of the features, but also the nobility in the face and the gracefulness of the posture.

spanish portrait


baroque style
clair obscure

BONSARD’s view pierces the surface, does not follow the effects of nature but its approach: asking the question "what makes reality real?" is what guides his painting. He projects his entire pictorial imagination in an idealized world, which sets the objects, landscapes, architecture and model that are portrayed in a scene which appears to represent perfection.

violent contrasts
peinture baroque



By drastically dazzling the light in some parts of an ordinary scene BONSARD acquires the power to transform reality, drawing our attention in this blatantly dramatic way toward a psychological, deeply human "message". The light’s role is obviously to catch the eye and direct it into the heart of the portrait, but the complete artistic richness of the painting is unraveled as our attention discovers all the details.

 baroque portrait
Portrait of Junior
rendu hyperréaliste
baroque style
peinture baroque
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