Painting is an Art that is as old as humanity itself, and since the dawns of time it has never ceased to be reinvented. Of all the artists’ representations throughout the ages, there is one that has survived the successive changes in time and fashion: the portrait.


It is not merely a rigorous exercise intended to judge the artist’s mastery; it is a timeless work of art to keep the image of a loved one or an illustrious person alive. The portrait must be a faithful representation of the model, of course, but it must also convey the personality, the humanity of the model, and perhaps the context of the times in which he lived too.


Inspired by the legacy of the XVIIth century masters to create his portraits, BONSARD gives their owners an opportunity to offer future generations a living picture of themselves and, in a way, to avoid falling into oblivion, but enter into eternity instead...





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